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Photo Field Imaging

High-Resolution Slide, Film, and Print Scanning

Photo Field Imaging provides professional, high-resolution slide, film, and print scanning services at affordable prices. We scan virtually all types of film, at up to 4000 dpi using the latest professional-grade scanning equipment, from 16mm microfilm to 4x5 inch large format film. Our goal is to give you the best value, top quality, fast turnaround, and top-notch service all at low, competitive prices.

Here, you have found the only site that you need to convert all of your irreplaceable memories into a digital format. We believe that this will be the only stop that you will need to make in finding a high-quality professional company for all of your slide and negative film scanning needs.

The Problem with Film

Film and photographs deteriorate over time. Images fade, colors shift, slides and negatives collect dust, no matter how they are stored. As time passes by, your images fade away.

The Digital Solution

Through the scanning of your slides, photographs, and film negatives, you can preserve these memories for generations to come. With high-resolution scans, your images can be edited and restored, usually to better than original condition. Once your images are scanned, they can be easily copied and shared with whoever you please.

Relive Your Past Once Again

Most people have photographs, negatives and slides tucked away in photo-albums, boxes in the attic, etc. and they do not know what to do with them. We have digitized thousands of photos that simply have not been viewed for years. With today's technology, we can digitize all of your photographs, slides, and negatives.

With your photos digitized, they can be restored, viewed, and shared as easily as turning on your computer or TV. Instead of allowing your memories to fade away, allow us to scan and restore them so that they can be enjoyed once again.

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